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Examining the Evidence

Which skin closure technique better reduces the risk of cesarean wound complications: surgical staples or subcuticular suture?

February 2013 · Vol. 25, No. 2
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Infectious disease
Patrick Duff, MD (Update, June 2012)

10 practical, evidence-based recommendations for improving maternal outcomes of cesarean delivery
Baha M. Sibai, MD (March 2012)

Does the rate of postcesarean maternal infection vary by uterine closure technique?
Vincenzo Berghella, MD (Examining the Evidence, February 2011)

The two most commonly utilized methods of skin closure after cesarean delivery are nonabsorbable metal staples and absorbable suture. 1 A number of investigators have explored these methods of closure in regard to wound complications, pain perception, patient satisfaction, and physician assessment of cosmesis. 2

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