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Do you recommend circumcision for newborns?

For the first time, a surgical intervention study attests to a reduced risk of HIV infection with circumcision

May 2006 · Vol. 18, No. 5
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You had plenty to say in response to our recent editorial on the HIV study, and our Instant Poll Online question about circumcision of newborns.


Some of your comments:

  • Politics aside, circumcision improves hygiene and reduces STD transmission
  • Not without anesthesia!!!
  • Have ‘em match Dad, and use anesthetic!
  • In women, it’s called genital mutilation. Daddy and son don’t match in our home!
  • No unnecessary surgery!
  • Manmade, and religion is blamed
  • Circumcision is not just for cosmetic reasons; it is also for hygiene
  • I do not “recommend” circumcision; I do offer the service for parents that request it
  • Uncircumcised penis has been shown in many studies to be a major vector of STD
  • It’s the parents’ personal choice
  • Some proven benefits, but overall this surgery is done as a cosmetic alteration
  • Patient consideration of MD recommendations has drastically changed!
  • Culturally driven ritualistic mutilation
  • Social event, no medical evidence
  • Analgesia for neonatal circumcision
  • Increasing evidence of STD transmission

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