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Ovaries make cysts for a living: when to do no harm

February 2006 · Vol. 18, No. 2

The figures in the article by William H. Parker, MD, which appeared in the January issue of OBG Management , were inadvertently placed out of order. The figures appear here in their correct orientation. The article has been corrected at and corrected reprints are available from the publisher.

FIGURE 1 Hallmarks of a benign cyst

Cysts with smooth borders and without septations, excrescences, or solid parts are likely to be benign.

FIGURE 2 Hemorrhagic cyst at detection

Hemorrhagic cysts may have internal echoes, a sign of blood clots within the cyst.

… and 2 weeks later

Two weeks later the cyst is smaller and the clots are in the process of reabsorption.

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